Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Andy beat me to the punch and posted a blog about the visit that he and Lindsey made to Monteverde so i will let him have sole ownership over the writing of the blog about said visit.

A couple of quick notes from this guy though. One: I dont know if ziplining is different in other places but it is one of the most underwhelming experiences that i have ever had. I mean you look out at nature, i get that part and you slide "quickly" while suspended high in the air but really its over pretty quick and you do a whole lot more walking than anyone advertises. Two they also dont tell you that you should probably bring a partner. I mean i have no problem with a 300lb polish man wrapping his legs around my waist as he slide gracefully through the air but they should tell you that in advance. The second time he chickened out and i had to go alone, when the guide asked me if i wanted to go alone we had this confidence inspiring exchange-

Tim-"Do people usually go alone?"
tim-"well will it work?"
tim"so should i do it?"
guide-"i dont see why not. Just dont mess up"


Other than that though it was really great to see Andy and Lindsey. I am a completely unhelpful travel companion and was basically just riding their coattails for much of the trip but they tolerated me anyway. It was actually really tough to say goodbye but they are off to bigger and brighter things in Peru and beyond. One of the highlights of their visit was hearing all of the amazing ideas they have for changing the world not just on this trip but in the future. Andy and i once talked about starting a school or afterschool program inconjunction where he would handle finances and business plans and all that stuff and i would handle curriculum and kids and all that stuff and if something like that ever worked out it would be beyond fantastic.

More interesting blogs and information on travelpod. Just follow the link above and do some searching for lindsey and andys stuff.

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