Thursday, March 18, 2010

The chris Malone Principle

Recently ive been thinking more and more about the different people ive met and about people in general. Part of this thinking was spurred on by my host mother describing me as charismatic to one of the waitresses in her restaurant. Now i have never been described as charismatic in my entire lifetime. Ive been described as shy, egotistical, condescending, a bit of an ahole, exasperating, arrogant, ridiculous and often as tall but never charismatic. So it got me thinking about how people perceive me and really how i want them to perceive me.

This brings me back to the people i have met on this trip and what i have learned from all of them about who i want to be. I was talking to my friend adam and he asked me what the people in monteverde were like and who i was hanging out with. I told him about this couple that i think are two of the cooler people i have ever met. Their names are heather and jonathan and on the surface i dont think we have much in common but i would say that they are two of the greatest people i have ever met, period. They are a couple who play violin and cello, enjoy talking and teaching about bird calls, and run english country dances on saturday nights. Not one of those things would i ever choose as my number one option for leisure activites and yet these two are extremely cool and any conversation ive had with them has left me overwhelmed with their overall greatness. In figuring out their appeal i realized it all comes down to the chris malone principle/factor.

Chris Malone is on my list as one of my favorite human beings on the planet and to know him is to love him. Now Chris has an affinity for role playing computer games, fantasy novels and action films but he is by far one of the coolest people on the planet. The major part of this and the core maxim behind the chris malone principle, is that chris is one of the most genuine people on the planet. When he asks you something about your life he is truly interested in your response. He likes the things he likes and never feels a need to defend those likes or to try and convert other people into liking them, its just what he likes. He is never afraid to put himself out there or be goofy or silly. Its all these things and that understated undefinable chrisness that makes him who he is and its that quality that i find in other people that makes me think they are great. People like chris, jonathan and heather should be the considered the coolest people on the planet plain and simple.

So i guess i wonder more and more how i am perceived and if i come across the way i hope. I hope i dont come across as phony and i hope im likeable for the right reasons. I hope somehow i have a piece of that chris malone factor.


Other updates....
-so i was totally stung by a scorpion the other night. I had heard that it was basically inevitable that i would be stung because everyone gets stung but i thought i had made it this long and avoided it so i would probably be lucky. But i was sleeping the other night and felt something like a tac on my back and when i went to move it my finger got a pinch and then some ridiculous throbbing pain. Ive heard scorpion stings described as being hit with a hammer and being as simple as a bee sting and the truth for me lies in the middle, it hurts like a bastard but is only a little sore for about a day. Now heres where i was confused with myself, i looked for the scorpion for about 5 minutes after the sting to try and wage my revenge but had no luck. I then immediately went back to bed, was that silly, i mean i know he could have just been waiting and lurking for a second sting of this sweet sweet flesh but a man needs his sleep and if its going to happen its going to happen

-went to two concerts here. One feature the 2nd place winner of season three of latin american idol. She was probably what you would expect out of a latin american pop star, i heard many stories of her divaness but i found her pleasant. At one point massimo, my tico 4 year old brother, walked near the front of the stage yelling "donde esta mi amigo" and she made some jokes and tried to help him find his amigo. We then all got our pictures taken with her and all of the girls in my class/family decided i should marry her, because thats apparently how marriage works, good to know. They began to tell all the kids at school that she is my girlfriend because i touched her butt. Also good to know that randomly touching a girls tush(wich i did not do btw) puts you in a commited relationship. The second concert was one of double basses which one of the teachers heard not as contra basses but as contra racists so she assumed that these based players would be playing many songs that fought against racism. They might have but i think they were just plain old bassists.

-Speaking of music tomorrow i am performing a rap for one of the kids' senior project, its going to be awesome and it will be my first time recording any of my rap songs since jon drew and i blew up the rap scene with our song black or white later ripped off by michael jackson(RIP)

- speaking of michael jackson, one of the recurrent jokes for the kids in my class is the word michael jackson, they can answer any question with it and they love to sing mj songs but mainly its just thriller, once they throw ben in there then we will be talking

-also had my birthday here which was a lot of fun. My tico family all made me cards and bought me a sweet tshirt and then at the school i had happy birthday sung to me about a dozen times. My tico mom happened to hear this and decided that my birthday should be a national holiday in costa rica or at least just in the school. I suggested they erect a statue, its in the works.


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