Friday, October 16, 2009

The Night the Lights went out in Antigua

After watching the Patriots blow what was surely a win in the second half of Sundays game we left a local bar to meet up with Max. Max is Andys new friend, a 70 year old guy who approached Andy randomly in the park and decided that he and Andy should be best friends. He took Andy on a personal tour of Antigua, many of the stops revolved around the best public bathrooms in the city as well as the best places to sit. When Andy mentioned that he thought the Oktoberfest theme at a restaurant looked cool Max decided that we should all meet their for dinner that night. So off we went to central park where Max is a regular. We strolled around for a few minutes and then suddenly all of the lights went down. In a few minutes certain shops used their generators to pop their lights back on but the entire city was down, later we found out the entire country lost power.

We decided to meet up with Max and when we did he was awesome. He wears a leather hat and that is pretty much an awesome look for an elderly man. If you are wondering on my 70th birthday i will probably start rocking a leather hat, and will definitely have a cardigan sweater, i may start rocking that withing the next year, shorter if you buy me one. We all decided that getting dinner was not in the cards and our fearsome foursome headed home, wishing we brought our headlamps from our pacaya expedition.

While struggling to not faceplant on the cobblestone roads we all of sudden came open Omar, the nephew of our homestay mom, who was out at a pizzeria and just happened to step outside for better cellphone reception. We were headed home but Omar and the owner of the restaurant were pretty sure that we should stop in for pizza and beer. The owner Edgar is a guatemalan who lived in Toronto for about twenty years and then moved back down here to start a pizza joint. Its a pizza joint that makes great pizza and will also deliver a bottle of rum with 4 cokes and lime to your house. How perfect that in the middle of a black out we jumped into a restaurant called Sunshine Grill.

We ate pizza by candlelight and drank pitchers of beer, listening to stories from Edgar and Omar. When the lights kicked back on we did the first logical thing you do when there is the potential for power shortages, we turned on the karaoke machine. Lindsey led the way power vocaling her way through the spice girls and eventually we learned more about Omars obsession with ABBA. Pizza, beer and karaoke sounds about what i expected to find in guatemala.

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