Sunday, October 11, 2009

the trip and la ciudad

Not much to be said for the trip, probably exactly what those of you have actually traveled would expect. On the ride to the airport my mom was hilarious though. It was foggy and she decided she only knew one way to the airport and once we missed the exit there was no way to roll with that. We had to turn around and go her way. On the off ramp we needed to take a left to get back on the highway and she turned a hard right and led us offroading into a construction site for a nice start. Other than that the travel was smooth, oh except for the forty minutes where i thought i lost my passport. It fell out of my pocket and below someone elses seat but i couldnt see it until the end of the flight. It was a forty minute panic attack where i tried to be subtle but rifling through your pockets a thousand times is probably not as subtle as one would hope. Im guessing people who have actually traveled before probably avoid this type of minifiasco but its my first time traveling internationally so lay off. Hell i just got the damn passport in july.

the city of antigua is beautiful. Its a crazy mix of colonial ruins, cobblestone streets and modern stuff. they have little shops, tiendas, on every street where you can appease your junk food needs for low low prices. Oh and they have pepsi so my life is good. Its crazy though because the town is small and overlooking the town are volcanoes and mountains. Its kind of surreal to walk to school every moring staring down a volcano but i guess at some poing you get use to it.

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